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Bespoke reports with data from over 20,000 real estate professionals

Your benchmark for salaries, rewards and employment strategy

In-depth benchmarking from our data of 20,000 Real Estate salaries and benefits.

Find current average salaries by location, sector, profession, company size and more to make informed employment decisions.


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Example Report

6,000-10,000 annual survey respondents

55,000 active or registered candidates

5,000 annual vacancies

$90m worth of salaries negotiated annually by our expert consultants

How can a bespoke report help you?

Data-Led Reviews

Using data from +20,000 professionals rewards and sentiments, we can offer unrivaled clarity when making decisions on annual pay reviews, bonuses and other rewards


Cost Planning and Projections

Add detail to your budgeting decisions for salaries and utilise additional data for key non-monetary benefits


Detailed Market Mapping

Measure and compare your suite of rewards according to the closest comparator instead of industry norms


Diversity and Inclusion

Real Estate has challenges to meet equal pay and our global survey helps document and demonstrate the results in a YoY review


Employee Sentiments

Using our values and attitudes survey, benchmark employee sentiments in your sector toward benefits, office policies and more


24 Years of History

The largest and longest established survey of its type, with more than two decades of data to aid forecasting


Nicholas Carman, Director

Elevate your hiring and retention with data-led decisions

‘How would new working policies impact my team and should we update our rewards package to stay competitive?’


Using the Rewards and Attitudes survey, we can help you answer your questions and advise the impact of your decisions.

Our consultants have the intelligence to inform all kinds of organisations the median, upper and lower quartile for each and every salary and benefit offered – allowing you to make data-driven decisions on your current and future talent plans.

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