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Rewards in Real Estate

Real Estate professionals are often rewarded with bonus and/or commission alongside their base salary. Find which regions and sectors offer the most incentives, emerging trends for benefits packages, pension contributions and more.

Rewards and Bonus in Real Estate Key Findings

Developers and Tech

employers, after investors, were awarded the most amount of bonus in 2024

4 in 10

are satisfied with their current benefits package – this number increases with level of seniority


chose having greater pension/retirement contributions as the ideal benefit enhancement

Average bonus awarded by region in local currency, by employer type

Visit the salary pages by location for bonuses awarded by profession.

Satisfaction of current benefits package, by employer type and demographic in each region

Real estate professionals in the U.S. are the most satisfied with their employment benefit package outside of remuneration.

Most valuable benefit if offered, by region and gender

Out of a handful of enhanced or novelty benefits that an employer could offer, popular choices were enhancements to existing benefits. Those in the UK, U.S. and Africa would prefer greater pension contributions, whereas those in Asia and Europe are more interested in holiday cost contributions.

Employer pension contribution, by employer type in each region

Paid time off / paid holiday entitlement, by region

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