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Attitudes in Real Estate Key Findings

How do those in real estate feel about being a part of the industry?  We compare the attitudes and sentiments about working in real estate today.

Attitudes in Real Estate Key Findings


of professionals feel unvalued, citing the main reasons are due to remuneration and workplace culture

1 in 2

real estate professionals would consider moving abroad for the right opportunity


believe their real estate organisation will increase headcount this year (down from 52% last year)

Employee sentiment of feeling valued, by region and demographic

Real estate professionals in the U.S. feel most valued at work. The higher the seniority, the more valued respondents felt.

Reason for those that feel undervalued, by seniority and gender

Of those that say they feel undervalued, the most common reason is due to remuneration. For women and junior employees, a lack of career growth opportunities was the main reason they felt undervalued in their role.

Consideration of moving abroad in next 12 months, by seniority and employer type (excluding U.S.)

Professionals who currently reside in the Middle East and Africa have the most appetite to move abroad for a new role, alongside senior level professionals in the UK and Europe.

Reasons for considering moving abroad, by seniority and employer type by region (excluding U.S.)

Improving a standard of living and accelerating career growth are the main reasons for considering moving abroad.

Enthusiasm to relocate with current or a new employer (U.S. only)

U.S. real estate professionals are more likely to consider moving with a new employer in state or nationally.

Likelihood real estate organisations will increase headcount in 2024, by region

Those working in the Middle East are most likely to believe their organisation will grow their team. Europeans on the other hand believe their organisations will hire less this year.

Likelihood real estate organisations will face a skills shortage in 2024, by region

Those in the UK, Asia and Middle East are most likely to think their employers are likely to face an upcoming skills shortage.

Comparison of likely headcount increase and likely skills shortage, by employer type

Employers in development, investment and funds, and technology that want to increase headcount may find difficulty finding candidates with the right skills this year.

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