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The Salary, Rewards & Attitudes Survey

The Macdonald & Company Salary, Rewards and Attitudes survey report has been conducted annually for over 20 years. The 2024 report will be its 24th edition.

The survey has expanded to cover our global footprint and reaches respondents across the sectors and real estate cycle stages, including investment & funds, development, services and more.

The survey annually generates between 3000-8000 responses and is combined with 10,000+ salary data points from our database of placements made, job instructions and candidate data in the last 12 months. Combining this information creates a robust understanding of salary, work and attitude trends that are unique for the real estate industry.

Alongside the foundational questions that are asked yearly – such as salary and bonus details, benefit packages and their monetary value – we include questions based on trending topics to gather intel on the mood in the wider market. Where the last few years have focused on the rapidly changing attitudes and work patterns since the pandemic, this year’s theme has shifted to discover what other incentives, outside of salary and flexible work, employees value and covet when considering new opportunities. Other emerging and consistent themes have discussed diversity with an historic track record on the gender pay gap, and more recently, the ethnicity pay gap.

Macdonald & Company

Macdonald & Company is the world’s leading recruitment consultancy dedicated to the real estate sector.

Established in 1994 and headquartered in the U.K., we apply local knowledge with true global connection through our offices in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the real estate industry, global connections and high level of service mean we are trusted advisors to the very best in the industry. Our specialist teams act for every class of organisation owning, occupying, financing or advising on real estate, construction and engineering – developers, investors, institutions, funds, banks, consultancies and contractors.

Our extensive international network extends to 300,000 specialist candidates; from CEOs and ‘C‘ suite members to graduates, finance specialists, corporate functions and freelance staff.

We help organisations by providing a ‘one-stop’ point of contact, assigning a dedicated senior account manager that specialises in your sector and location.

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