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Attitudes in Real Estate

How do those in Real Estate feel about being a part of the industry?  We compare the attitudes and sentiments about employment in the industry today.

Key Attitude Findings


finds professionals feeling the most valued, more so since 2019


would choose a 5% salary raise over flexible working


believe real estate will face a skills shortage in the next 12 months

Employee sentiment of value, by employer main activity

Those that work in real estate Investor / Fund / REIT are more likely to feel valued.

Evolving employee sentiment of value, by region and age

Those feeling valued in their role has exceeded the levels seen last year and are higher than in 2019 before the global pandemic.

'Flexible working or 5% Salary rise?', choice by region, demographic and seniority

Whilst there are no wide differences in choice by demographic, respondents voted salary raise back in favour from last year, presumably as more employers have adopted flexible working practices going forward.

In the next 12 months, how likely will your organisation increase their headcount?

Two-thirds believe company growth and larger teams are in the horizon as headcount is expected to increase.

In the next 12 months, do you think your organisation will face a skills shortage?

Attitude comparison on the likelihood employer will increase headcount vs. likelihood of a skills shortage, by main activity

The opinion that headcount will increase are shared predominantly from those that work in Investment Banking / Corporate and Utilities / Power

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