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The Macdonald & Company Salary, Rewards and Attitudes Report 2023

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Now in its twenty-third year, our ‘Salary, Rewards and Attitudes’ survey remains the reporting benchmark of remuneration and attitudes across the international real estate industry, referencing over 16,754 survey respondents.

With twenty-three years of historical data to draw upon  the 2023 annual salary, rewards and attitudes survey provides a unique and valuable insight into the trends and influences that will shape the real estate sector over the coming year and beyond.  The intelligence will prove invaluable to organisations big and small with staff retention, hiring and improving employee engagement.

Peter Moore, MRICS, CEO

Key Findings

40% of all respondents said their senior leadership had changed or reversed elements of flexible working in 2022.


70% of respondents’ pay increased in the last 12 months – up 26% on last year.


16% received a cost of living or inflationary linked pay increase.


£5,000 is the median salary increase – the same as last year.

Where in the world does Real Estate pay the most?

Average salaries per region, in USD*

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Annual $ 72601
Monthly $ 6050


Annual $ 89530
Monthly $ 7461


Annual $ 15000
Monthly $ 12500


Annual $ 85542
Monthly $ 7129


Annual $ 26816
Monthly $ 2235


Annual $ 177278
Monthly $ 14773

*Averages in local currencies exchanged using USD rates as per 01.01.2023.


Which pays the most by employer main activity?

Combined global average, USD*

Which real estate main asset class pays the most internationally?

Combined global average, USD*

*Averages in local currencies exchanged using USD rates as per 01.01.2023.


Global annual average salary in real estate, by gender

In USD (46.1% gap)

*Averages in local currencies exchanged using USD rates as per 01.01.2023.


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