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Asia Real Estate Salaries

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Key Asia Salary Findings

US $96,000

annual median salary across APAC

1 in 2

received a pay rise in the last year


higher average salary for those that state English is their first language

Will Glover Managing Director - APAC

When compared with global real estate salaries, remuneration across the Asia-Pacific has remained flat. You could argue stricter C-19 restrictions in Asian countries has meant recovery has stalled for a longer period than our international counter-parts.

1 in 2 did receive a pay rise in Asia, mainly from promotions and annual pay reviews, particularly if you are located in China. If you achieved a professional qualification in Hong Kong, or received a counter-offer in Singapore, you were more likely to receive the biggest pay rise

Specialists asset classes award the most remuneration, so good news for those that work in Specialist Residential, Self-Storage, and Data Centers.

This year we have compared average salaries according to respondents’ first language – it makes for an interesting picture. It is clear there is a premium placed for speaking English, and this is most apparent for Hong Kong where average pay is 83% higher than if Mandarin or Cantonese is your first language.

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