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Rewards in Real Estate

Real Estate professionals are often rewarded with bonus/commission alongside their base salary.

Find which regions and sectors offer the most incentives, emerging trends for benefits packages, pension contributions and more.

Key Reward Findings

1 in 2

received a salary rise this year, compared with 1 in 10 over 2020-21

Data Center

asset class awarded the most in bonuses

1 in 10

U.S. professionals receive unlimited paid holiday vs. the rest of the world

Changes to base salary by demographic, 2022 vs. 2021

Compared with 2021 where only 13% globally received a pay rise, over half of real estate received a pay rise, with those in the US and those aged between 27-30 faring the best.

Percentage of professionals that received a pay rise, by employer main activity

As the rate of pay rises vary widely between locations and markets, organisations in Data Centers, Investors / Funds and Owner-Occupiers have granted the most pay rises globally.

Median bonuses granted in the UK

Median bonuses granted in Europe

Median bonuses granted in Hong Kong

Median bonuses granted in Singapore

Median bonuses granted in China

Median bonuses granted in the U.S.

Median bonuses granted in Africa

Median bonuses granted in Middle East

Popular eligible benefits, by region

While many beligible benefits vary according to different regions, Unlimited Holidays were granted to 1 in 10 of U.S. respondents.

Paid holiday entitlement days, by region

Employer pension contribution, by employer main activity

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