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Working in Real Estate

The consensus of working in Real Estate; what do professionals most value at work, and how do they feel about their workplace?

See the views and opinions, both before and after the Covid-19 pandemic, about what professionals really care about and the most important factors they seek in a role.


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Key Work Findings


agree their organisation has a great workplace culture


more rank a company’s leadership team and management style as important factors when looking for a new role


of professionals found their current role with a recruiter or headhunter

What Real Estate professionals value the most at work, by Region

For the first time in 21 years, salary is knocked off the top of the charts and replaced with having a work-life balance.

What Real Estate professionals value the most, by Seniority

Senior professionals are more concerned with salary / bonus and flexibility verses the entry-mid level that value having appreciation from their manager and small gestures instead.

The above chart highlights the challenges of the HR/People departments’ for real estate employers- how to give each level what they value most. It is clear new entrants to the industry value personal development to get ahead in their careers, as the importance of salary and bonuses come later.

Jamie Williams, Director – London

Opinions of workplaces in Real Estate

18-35 year olds are the most positive, with those in the Middle East feeling their employers have poor workplace culture and work-life balance.

Satisfaction of company family policies, by Region and Gender

Europe lead the way with satisfaction of family policies, with female respondents marginally more dissatisfied than male counterparts.

Real Estate companies should look to improve their family policies that can help promote gender diversity and a better work-life balance that professionals now value the most.

Roberta Barlow, Director – London

Most important ranked company policies for employer to take seriously

Professionals rank recognition and support for mental health as the top policy to prioritise. Europeans are more concerned with climate change and ethics / sustainability over diversity.

Real Estate businesses are recognising the importance of mental health and emotional well-being, rightly offering support. This is incredibly important to keep up morale and watch over our colleagues’ health in these uncertain times.

Stephy Chua, Director – Singapore

Average time spent with an employer by Age Group

Globally, the higher the age group the more likely to stay with an employer for longer.

Alex Parkes, Head of South-Central U.S - Houston

An age / career-level correlation or a generational shift in company loyalty?

The chart shows increasing averages of time spent with a current employer as the age-group progresses. The question remains if this trend will continue to apply to the younger generation or are their views to career mobility mean we’ll expect to see a diminishing tenure in the coming years.

Anecdotally we can say the confidence of younger candidates engaging in job seeking is higher. They are often more confident in their own abilities to find their next role and more comfortable in resigning before securing their favoured position.

Is this simply youthful exuberance testing the waters before settling into a career within a company, or will we see the trend of continual job-hopping every few years into the future?

Most important ranked factors when seeking a new role, by Seniority

Leadership team, bonus and company reputation are the most important for senior professionals, with all levels in agreement of seeking quality of work.

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Most important ranked factors when seeking a new role, by demographic before and after Covid-19

Company reputation ranked marginally lower since the pandemic, with leadership teams becoming more important, particularly for those from a non-white ethnic background.

How Real Estate professionals found their current role

More than a third of talent is hidden to all but the professional recruitment sector, 52% more likely than the next category.

Nick Carman, Director - London

The benefits of working with a recruitment consultancy

Gone are the days when employers can use adverts in trade publications and rely on these sources to attract candidates in niche fields. It’s no surprise to see only 6.6% of professionals in the UK found their role in trade press advertisements and in Europe 2.6%.

With recruitment advisors being the preferred choice by the majority of survey respondents, and 38% of those finding their current roles via an agency, real estate companies choosing to invest time and money in alternative sources of finding talent are missing hidden talent available to them.

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