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UK Real Estate Salaries

The median UK salary for 2020-21 went up by £2,000 since 2019. However, with economic setbacks, most UK salaries have remained unchanged since the Covid-19 outbreak, with nearly two-thirds of individuals reporting no change in pay coming into 2021.

It is clear that the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors are suffering, and unfortunately, this is a trend that is unlikely to buckle in the months ahead. In comparison, we have seen growth in healthcare, industrial and logistics, and BTR hiring top-talent across development with investment continuing to gain momentum.

The market sentiment caught in early 2021 is that of optimism, albeit that salaries will remain static, bonuses and other benefits will need to be factored in if performance measures are achieved.

For the first time, we have reported the real estate salary gaps by ethnicity. Although the data highlights a sobering picture in some professions, we’re confident the industry is aware of its’ challenges and that we’ll see the gap narrow in the near future.

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Key UK Salary Findings


Median UK salary


London salary premium


reduction in those receiving a salary rise since the pandemic

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