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Hong Kong, Singapore and China Real Estate Salaries

The general theme for salary in Asia is restraint; over half of our respondents have had no salary increases with 1 in 10 reporting pay cuts.

There are nuances trying to identify salary trends across the region, but we are certainly seeing the effects of the pandemic being felt more acutely in city centres where salaries will have been impacted for service providers.

Salaries in Hong Kong and Singapore therefore, which are dominated by offices, shopping centres and hotels have suffered in comparison to China, which has seen less lockdown disruption, an enviable GDP growth rate and has benefited from the rise in online shopping and the capacity for investment into logistics and data centres.


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Key Asia Salary Findings

US $ 9,455

mean monthly salary across Hong Kong, Singapore and China


reduction in those receiving a salary rise since Covid-19


regional gender pay gap

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