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Middle East Real Estate Salaries

From our data, Salaries in the Middle East have unfortunately been hit the hardest, and both Real Estate and Construction professionals will likely see another tough year. Pay cuts have been felt across the board and it is unlikely that employers will be in a hurry to hike salaries back to 2019 levels.

Some of the master developers have already consolidated that further cuts are probable, especially at the senior level.

In contrast, other GCC countries and Saudi Arabia have seen limited fluctuations mainly based on fewer professional talent pools and/or being lesser desirable locations. We expect to see continued demand for development and investment professionals in Saudi over 2021, whilst base salaries, by and large, remaining the same.


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Ben Miller, Middle East

Key Middle East Salary Findings

AED 32,000

Median monthly salary


reduction in those receiving a salary rise since the pandemic


gender pay gap

Average Middle Eastern salaries by Sector


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Median AED 41500
Mean AED 44500

Median AED 39000
Mean AED 36250

Median AED 26600
Mean AED 27861

Median AED 50000
Mean AED 51690

Median AED 44250
Mean AED 60886

Median AED 28000
Mean AED 32875

Median AED 38000
Mean AED 49633

Median AED 35100
Mean AED 36040

Median AED 21000
Mean AED 28133

Median AED 45000
Mean AED 45167

Median AED 22425
Mean AED 22827

Median AED 31000
Mean AED 32918

Median AED 20250
Mean AED 33885

Median AED 28000
Mean AED 31243

Median AED 25500
Mean AED 23125

Median AED 22500
Mean AED 25546

Average salaries, by Asset Class

Hospitality and Leisure awarded the highest average salary in the Middle East, however the pandemic could see this lessen and Industrial / Logistics come out on top.

Ben Miller, Senior Associate - Middle East

The most in demand professions in the Middle East driving Salaries

Where the UAE has been the hardest hit in the region from the pandemic, Saudi is well known to be the immediate driving force of the Real Estate and Construction industry in the Middle East. With limited hiring and increased competition amongst candidates, most employees appreciate their chances of achieving the eye-catching remuneration packages previously offered in the kingdom.

We expect to see continued demand for development and investment professionals in Saudi over this year, with base salaries by and large remaining the same.

Perhaps hiring managers can revisit other incentives within compensation packages such as flexibility on remote working, further annual holidays and so on (see data).

Average monthly salary, by Age Group

Salaries appear flat until reaching the 36-45 age group, and increasing thereafter.

Average monthly salary, by Seniority

Pay in the Middle East show a steady incline the more senior a position.

Change to base salary, before and after Covid-19

The Middle East has suffered with pay cuts the most compared with other regions, with the majority of pay remaining stagnant.

Reason for base salary increase, before and after Covid-19

Annual pay reviews remain the most common way to receive a pay rise since the pandemic, although only for a minority.

Average Monthly Salary, by Gender

Pay gap in the Middle East stands at 30% in Real Estate.

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