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In partnership with The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the 21st edition of the Rewards and Attitudes survey will provide views of property professionals around the world- from Developers and Architects to Surveyors and Facilities Management – the Survey report provides insightful data for salary and rewards bench-marking and gives an indicative outlook on how the sector can move forward.

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Year on Year Salary Change

Avg Salary Per Gender

female 2019 £41,685 Left Arrow
male 2019 £50,000 Left Arrow
Gap £8,315
female 2019 $54,600 Left Arrow
male 2019 $72,000 Left Arrow
Gap $17,400

Avg Salary Per Sector

Median Base Salary Per Region

London £55,000
Midlands £44,700
North East £44,000
North West £44,100
South East £47,000
South West £45,000
Northern Ireland £43,000
Scotland £44,337
Wales £42,000
Germany €91,323
Austria €91,323
Switszerland €91,323
France €88,960
Benelux €86,615
Scandinavia €82,364
Russia €75,789
Southern Europe €64,136
Central/Eastern Europe €51,120

Global Property Salaries


Despite efforts at reducing the pay gap, there appear to be significant differences between females earning an average of £44,737 with £3,587 in bonuses and their male peers earning £53,061 with bonuses of £7,825. However, these figures do not tell the whole story. After further analysis by qualification, years of experience, and seniority, it appears efforts to address the gender pay gap may be yielding results. Brexit will likely impact...



We know base salaries rise with experience, confirmed in our survey across Asia Pacific. Salaries rise rapidly to $35,520 for those with between two- and four-years’ experience in their professional capacity. The increase in base salary continues this trajectory to a median base salary of $124,800 for those with more than 30 years of experience. Professionals in our industry are confident. The gender pay gap appears to favour females...



There is evidence that during these tough economic times the historic issues of wanting pay and more bonuses are giving way to higher job satisfaction linked to career development, job security and work load. 82% of the respondents are either very or fairly satisfied with their current salary a significant rise of 20% in twelve months. European property professionals hold the range of interesting work, management style...


Middle East

2018 has seen a cautious employment market across the GCC region with few companies expanding aggressively and a number of redundancies being made. However, the KSA market seems to be very buoyant with plenty of large real estate projects having been announced in the last year. Much of the business activity in the GCC is driven by government spending and large new real estate projects continue to be launched...


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